Vesna Kracanovic



Vesna Kracanovic graduated at the College for Fine and Applied Arts in 2006, as well as at the Faculty of Forestry, Department of Landscape Architecture in 2007. She has been involved in fashion design since 2003. She created her first collections in Belgrade, where she opened the first workshop in 2006. In 2010, in cooperation with Aleksandra Lalic, she created the joint brand Modle and opened her first designer shop. This shop has been working very successfully and is situated in Belgrade Design District in Belgrade.

Brand Modle emphasizes the process of production, problem which the two designers want to solve; collection is not always the goal, it could be the mediator. Brand Modle emerged from their decade-long clothes design and mutual view on fashion design. Both Vesna Kracanovic and Aleksandra Lalic, as the two designers of Modle, are not burdened by current trends and they design clean and clear forms which rely on the distinctiveness of female body.

Since 2012 Vesna Kracanovic has lived between Belgrade and Brig, and has started a new brand called Siveno dedicated to the European market.

Siveno focuses on experimenting with form and cut, repeating the small details and magnifying them into the main theme. Simplicity of her design and geometric approach to the cut was mainly influenced by Japan. Although she prefers darker tones, rich and bold colors are not intimidating to her and she uses them once in a while. Latest collection has over-sized items (skirt, collar on the coat, part of a sleeve...) but they don’t overwhelm the model. Their purpose is just to emphasize the geometry of the model and overhaul simplicity.

Exhibitions and projects:

Moda za poneti 2007-2010, Beograd-Zagreb-Skoplje
Belgrade connection, 2009 Stockholm
Solo exhibition `Likovni elementi` 2010 KC Grad, Belgrade
Belgrade design district exhibition, Belgrade fashion Week 2012-2013
Kolabs Shop exhibition - Fashion Selection 2013, Belgrade
New folklore 2012-2013 Belgrade-Sofia-Skoplje-Paris
Blickfang, 2012-2014 (Wien, Stutgart, Munich, Basel, Zurich, Copenhagen, Hamburg)
Modepalast, 2011-2014 (Wien, Linz)
Bric-a Brac workshop exhibition 2013, Stockholm
Creativity in Serbia, Museum of Yugoslav history, 2014, Belgrade